I thought i couldn´t do it, but i was broke, so i did it. :) 

Digital Resurrection (3D Head & Facial Animation) of Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi for holographic projections. The three virtual characters are installed in a chamber “Heroes Of Peace” in the “Crystal World” created by André Heller 

Snippets of the final Animation / you may turn on ︎

Martin Luther King (lookalike)

“I Have A Dream” and this is what keeps us going.
In the world of 3D & VFX there are some nightmares you might come across and these are creating realistic watersurfaces or animating real looking talking faces. Here is the attempt trying my best to mimic their famous speeches. It is super hard work.


Gandhi/Luther Head-Elements:

Beauty, Wire, Subsurface & Specular Element
Job: 3D Artist / VFX

3D Modeling/Texturing/Rigging/Animating and 3D Tracking/Matchmoving

(Amazing 3D-Head of Einstein is provided by Lotusart)

Client: Swarovski
Artist: André Heller
Agency: Musion

André Heller

Christian Bauer

Igor Orovac
Matthias Schweger

3D/2D Artists:
Lotusart, Alexander Beim
CrazyPixel, Guido Perk
René Siem

Production (Film, 3D Hologram, Watchout):
Alf de Waal
Musion, Robin Maass
Musion, Uwe Maass

René Siem (Media Design BA) 2018 — Cologne, Germany