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4183RT0(Alberto) My nickname was given to me early on when we met regularly at the weekend for LAN-parties and my job was to get pizza, which I then fetched by bike. That's why everybody always called me Alberto-Pizza: Here is the commercial:

i do general
3D, photoreal Visualization & animation, lovely motion graphics & VFX, with highlevel Concept & design for disruptive Brand communication, surprising Exhibition design and responsible non-profit cultural projects. Yes. And i surf,

... when work is done

for Architectural design, Construction, Interior design Landscape, Real estate & development
Advertising, Film, Art & concept design, motion graphics, Television, Web & interactive
Automotive, Product design, Materials & manufacturing, Furniture
Medical & scientific

“Thanks to all my associates for more than 10 years of experience employed and independent.”
Never stop learning.

René Siem, Media Design BA




René Siem (Media Design BA) 2018 — Cologne, Germany